About Us

What is IVFDF?

The Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival is the UK’s longest running folk festival! Run each year by a different university folk society, it returns to Exeter in 2023.

Mark out the 3rd – 5th February in your calendars for a weekend of workshops, ceilidhs, and dancing till you drop. Whatever style you love the best, you’re sure to find something you love here.

The festival started in 1951 at the University of Leeds, but the Exeter University Folk Society are veteran hosts. The festival was held in Exeter in 1967, 1989, 1995, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2015. Whilst Exeter did not hold the first IVFDF it did hold the first ICBINI (I can’t believe it’s not IVFDF) – a smaller, less regular spin-off festival which has been running since 2002.

Everyone is welcome whether you prefer jam first or cream – IVFDF has a policy of genderless calling (since 2018), and all levels of dancer are invited, from the absolute beginner to the total professional. Although the festival is organised and run by students, tickets are available to anyone who wishes to dance their socks off. Want to learn more? Visit the central IVFDF website [here] to see our online archive, more information about past & future events, and our constitution.

University society’s mascots are a big part of IVFDF. Exeter’s mascot is a pig called Floyd. Pig Floyd’s age is innumerable.

IVFDF 2023

IVFDF 2023 is being held in Exeter, at the historic Quayside. Exeter is a beautiful city and we’ve decided to show off some of its oldest and most beautiful buildings by hosting our dances in them. Many of our venues are directly related to Exeter’s wool trade, and are over 300 years old.

Want to get involved?

IVFDF relies on its fantastic volunteer stewards to run smoothly every year. If you think that could be you, reach out and let us know! We’d love to have your help. If you already know you want to steward, fill in our stewarding form.

Stewards are at the heart of the festival, looking after safeguarding, entry to events, indoor camping, and background organising on the weekend. There will also be our annual reps meeting, where the location of the next IVFDFs will be decided by democratic vote. Come along for an inside look into the organisation of the festival, and to meet the representatives from folk societies around the country.


Exeter IVFDF 2023 wants to be as honest and accessible as possible for all our attendees. Some of the locations are not wheelchair accessible – but some are, and we aim to release as much accessibility information as we can ahead of time so you are as informed as possible.

Exeter IVFDF Committee

IVFDF 2023 is run by a passionate committee of University of Exeter Folk Society students and alumni, in conjunction with IVFDF-central.

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