RE: Train strikes

There are train strikes affecting trains across the country on the 1st and 3rd February 2023. The 3rd February is the first day of the festival. If you’re unsure about to whether to buy a ticket now, we want to reassure you that tickets will be available to buy on the door throughout the weekend for the same price as online. We do not have the capacity for processing lots of refunds due to cancelled trains, so the possibility for getting a refund will close at 23.59 on the 1st February 2023. We therefore strongly encourage you to buy your ticket at the desk when you arrive if you are unsure whether you will make it to Exeter. We are currently looking into whether we can provide some indoor camping for the night Thursday-Friday, so that people can arrive Thursday if needed. Please make sure to double check your travel plans before leaving for the festival. Be warned that after heavy rain the line between Exeter and Taunton will flood and trains can be heavily disrupted.

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